A - twelve

• Xavier Madore (qc) • Fernando Murillo (mx/qc)

• Martin Bédard+Marie-Hélène Breault (qc) • Scant Intone (ca)

• Benjamin Thigpen (us) • Nicolas Bernier (qc) • Junya Oikawa (jp)

• Jesse Osborne-Lanthier (qc/de) • John Chantler (au) • Dominic Thibault (qc)

Jane/Kin (qc) • Golden Retriever (us) • Thomas Ankersmit (nl)

• Ilpo Väisänen (fi) • John Rea (qc) • Roxanne Turcotte (qc)

• Martin Bédard+Georges Forget (qc) • Valerio Tricoli (it) • Martin Messier (qc)


Since 2005, the AKOUSMA concert series has been committed to exploring every perspective on electroacoustic music in an effort to present the most accurate portrait of the current interests of composers working in an ever more diverse field. AKOUSMA is the place to discover the work of emerging composers from the local scene as well as that of internationally established and recognized composers. The convergence of æsthetic practices encountered at AKOUSMA is indeed a reflection of the dynamic and increasingly effervescent musical world in which we live today.


The series is held every autumn at Usine C in Montréal.


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